Law Office Law and Family Mediation

Ваш адвокат – тот, кто:

  • - выслушает и поймет
  • - понятно объяснит
  • - найдет выход

Your lawyer is the one who will:

  • - listen and understand
  • - give thorough explanation
  • - find a solution
Всегда есть выбор!
There is always a choice!
Все конфликты разрешиМЫ!
All conflicts are resolvable!

Dear Friends!

We are happy to welcome You at our law office website. Our law office is a result many years’ practical experience and searching for optimum forms of legal services provision. Our aim is that You solve Your problems with a full understanding of the essence of conflict, without considerable emotional stress. Our lawyers are not just professional representatives and defenders with a large court work experience, but they can act as mediators in pre-court dispute settlement procedure due to additional qualification of mediators. After more than 20 years of law practice, I came to the conclusion that the best result may be achieved when the client applies to the lawyer at an early stage of a problem, takes the lawyer as an assistant and a conflict manager, and takes efforts for pacific settlement of arising dispute.


I would like You and our office partners to know that ALL CONFLICTS ARE RESOLVABLE.

Best regards,

Elena Zhdanovich, Managing Partner.